Pakyow 0.9

Pakyow 0.9 dropped over the weekend. While not a huge release as far as brand new features, it's a big step towards our goal of building a web-based app platform that's usable by anyone.

One significant (and somewhat hidden) change is that view manipulation and rendering no longer relies on Nokogiri. Why is this important? Speed. In Pakyow, only significant nodes (e.g. scopes and props) are mutable. We designed a way of representing views that optimizes for this, giving us significant performance improvements (benchmark).

Next up we're working on a pakyow-fail plugin that helps an app handle failure in smart ways. And of course we're already at work on the 0.10 release, which is set to include:

  • test helpers, for all your unit testing needs
  • the ability to specify data formats in the view (e.g. time, currency)
  • resource handling (e.g. css, javascript, images)
  • localization support (i18n)

All of this – and more – will be discussed on the mailing list. Follow along and contribute!

› Pakyow v0.9 Release Notes + Upgrade Guide