Pakyow v0.11

Pakyow v0.11 was pushed to RubyGems yesterday. This release introduced some new features like Resources and Binding Parts. It also improves the developer experience by removing the libxml dependency (which can be a pain to install) and adding Dotenv for config management.

v1.0 is the next planned major release. We're setup well to push for 1.0 with a ton of work having focused on improving the framework internals.

You can read the full release announcement on the blog. I also screencasted a walkthrough of some of the new features.

I also want to try something new and include a selfie for every release, wherever I happen to be when I publish the announcement post. Pakyow is a project I plan to keep working on for a long time, so it'll be fun to see how things change. This one was taken at Metabahn HQ: