Heading West

This is my last full week in Huntsville. On July 7, my family and I begin a year-long experiment in the great Pacific Northwest. If you know us well, this news will hardly come as a surprise.

Prior to having our two girls, Amanda and I spent several weeks in Seattle to see if we might like to live there one day. That was more than four years ago. We decided against moving at the time. Looking back, the timing wasn't quite right.

Back in May I booked a last-minute flight to Seattle. We had found a few rental houses and I went to take a closer look. I landed around 8pm and made the 45 minute drive down to Olympia to stay with friends (they were traveling Europe at the time but insisted that I stay at their home).

The next morning, loaded up with coffee and danish from a neighborhood coffee shop, I drove 150 miles north through Seattle to a small city about 30 miles from Canada.

Welcome to Bellingham.

Four years prior, Amanda and I rented a car and set off driving the same route. I don't remember exactly why we decided to do this, but I do remember wanting to get out of the city for a bit.

It was well after dark when we stopped the car to fill up with gas. We breathed the fresh air and remarked on how pretty the area must be during the day. This is the same place I found myself in just a few weeks ago, this time looking to relocate.

Bellingham came up a few months ago when researching various areas of the maritime Pacific Northwest. We love Seattle, but things like traffic, cost of living, and distance from nature made us lose interest. The suburbs were ruled out (because suburbs) so we looked out a little further.

For many reasons, Bellingham quickly made it to the top of our list. And on the morning of my 29th birthday, we signed a lease on a house located in a great little neighborhood on the edge of town. Looking back, it's kind of funny how things work out.

I could go on for days about all the factors playing into this decision. Instead, I'll focus on explaining things at a high level. If you want more detail, let's chat over coffee :-)

Personally, we're looking for a fresh perspective. Amanda and I both grew up in Huntsville. The longest we've ever been away are the few weeks we spent in Seattle. Huntsville has its perks, but we've longed to live in a place that's completely different from the one we grew up in. We don't know a single person where we're moving, and that's incredibly exciting.

From the business side, my role at Metabahn won't be changing even a little bit. Instead, I'll be joining our growing ranks of remote employees. The office in Huntsville will continue to exist and we have plans to expand our presence here. We value the relationships we've built and we plan to be just as involved as ever.

While it's true that we aren't moving because of my job, it just so happens that our personal goals align perfectly with the goals of the business. We'll see how things go.

The best way I know to describe this move is that it's an experiment. We don't really know what living in a new city will lead us to. But we couldn't be more excited to find out.