February 2017

November 2016

Running Sinatra in the Pakyow Environment
Pakyow's New Runtime Environment

October 2016

On Repeat: Halt & Catch Fire Playlist
Refine Your Ruby Util Objects
Web Views as Data

August 2016

So, you want to Colemak.
Thinking Work
The Minitest Dilemma

June 2016

Heading West

May 2016

Pakyow Fundamentals 001: Build an App in 9 LOC

April 2016

Pakyow v0.11

February 2016

Pakyow, Portable View Transformations, and the Distributed Web
Eliza Anne Powell
Interaction is an Enhancement
Of Patterns and Power: Web Standards Then & Now

January 2016

Hiring in Silicon Valley
Pakyow Intros
The Self-Destruction of Walled Gardens

November 2015

Rubocop as a Teaching Tool

October 2015

Replacing Technical Interviews with an Audition

September 2015

Set Your Agenda
The flat company myth.

July 2015

Pakyow Platform

April 2015

Your template language is killing the web.
Unedited Episode 3
Handling user creation & auth with Pakyow.
Unedited Episode 2
Connecting a Pakyow app to Postgres with Sequel.
Metabahn Unedited

March 2015

Democratizing Development

February 2015

You Need Discipline
Minified Assets and the Long Web
The Long Web
I am a hybrid developer.

January 2015

Cohesive UX
Pakyow v0.9 Release Party Recap

December 2014

Advanced Rake
Human-Driven Development

November 2014

WTF Ruby Keyword Args
Pakyow 0.9

March 2014

Pakyow 0.8

February 2014

Pakyow: Access / Modification of View Parts

January 2014

Building Blocks Year One: How we changed our consulting model for the better.

September 2013

Unit Testing for the Non-TDDer

April 2013

New Feed URL

January 2013

One Nice Thing
Making Over Preference

October 2012

Pakyow 0.8 Bindings
Pakyow 0.8 Routing

September 2012

Pakyow 0.8 View Scopes
Nashville Tech

August 2012

Controlling Tech
Story Basics for Software Development
Twitter Updates
John Cleese on Creativity
Big Things

March 2012

Pakyow Prototype Mode
Pakyow on Heroku

February 2012

Announcing Pakyow 0.8
RubyGems/Heroku Troubles

January 2012

Keep your peanut butter out of my chocolate.
I want to speak at your user group!
Read Outside Your Craft
Looking Back & Moving Forward

December 2011

Building an audience is hard work.
Just Another Butt in a Seat

November 2011

The Propeller
Give The Cloak
Keep Walking
Read — 59 Seconds

October 2011

A Focused Inbox

August 2011

Not magic, and zombies.